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Introduction to CA Workload Automation - CA 7® Edition


4 hours


This course introduces the learner to the CA 7 environment and its structure. It describes the methods used to schedule a job and explains how jobs progress through the CA 7 system. A description of initialization parameters used and how they can be invoked at CA 7 startup are provided along with CA 7 general access and navigation instructions.


Personnel who require knowledge of CA-7


Basic knowledge of the z/OS operating system


    After completing this course, the student will be able to:
  • Identify the CA 7 processes associated with scheduling jobs
  • List the major CA 7 components and their purpose
  • Differentiate between time and event driven scheduling
  • Describe how CA 7 uses calendars to schedule jobs
  • Start and stop CA 7

Course Content

Features and Components

Scheduling Concepts
Subsystem Components
Queues and Data Sets

Scheduling Methods

Time and Event Scheduling Methods
Base and Perpetual Calendars
Schedule Scan

Initialization, Navigation, and Termination

Initialization Parameters
Starting and Stopping CA 7
Accessing and Navigating CA 7
CA 7 Interfaces
CA 7 Help

Introduction to CA Workload Automation - CA 7® Edition Mastery Test

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