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CA 7 Workload Automation - Backup, Recovery and Problem Resolution


5 hours


This advanced course covers the types of backup and recovery options, techniques and products that are available to CA 7. It looks at defining attributes associated with CA 7 disaster recovery mode and how some automatic recovery can be configured. Preventing and resolving common CA 7 issues is also provided.


Operators, Production Support/Schedulers, Operations Analysts and Systems Programmers that are responsible for the backup, recovery and general problem resolution associated with CA 7


Completion of the CA 7 Workload Automation Monitoring and Maintaining Batch Processing course and basic knowledge of the use and control of CA 7


After completion, students should be able to:

  • Identify the scenarios in which the Automated Recovery Facility (ARF) can be used
  • Create a simple ARF definition and link it to a job
  • Identify the software products and programs that can be used for CA 7 backup and recovery
  • Describe how CA 7 disaster recovery mode is used
  • Identify and resolve common CA 7 problems

Course Content

Automated Recovery Facility

Types of Job Conditions That Can be Monitored
Automated Recovery Facility (ARF)
Creating an ARF Definition
Linking an ARFSET to a Job

Backup Processing

Importance of Backups
Products Used For CA 7 Data Backup

Recovery Strategies

CA 7 Dormant Version
Products Used For CA 7 Data Recovery
Recovery Aid Facility
Disaster Recovery Mode

Problem Determination, Resolution, and Support

Identifying and Resolving Common Problems
Automated CA 7 Notification
CA 7 and IBM Health Checker
CA Support

CA 7 Workload Automation – Backup, Recovery, and Problem Resolution Mastery Test

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