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CA OPS/MVS – Event Management and Automation - Automating Events Using the System State Manager (SSM)


5 hours


The CA OPS/MVS® Event Management and Automation - Automating Events Using the SSM course describes how the System State Manager (SSM) is used to create relational tables used for event automation purposes. The testing of event automation using SSM is also discussed.


Suitable for Systems Programmers and Operations support personnel requiring knowledge of the CA OPS/MVS SSM.


General knowledge of the concepts of CA OPS/MVS, OPS/REXX, and the RDF facilities, and how to use them.


    After completing this course, the student will be able to:
  • How SSM is used for system event automation
  • The structure of the SSM tables
  • How the SSM relational table is updated and maintained
  • How EOM rules and action tables are used in conjunction with the SSM
  • How event automation is tested by using SSM functions

Course Content

Introduction to the System State Manager

What Is the SSM?
Setting up SSM Tables

Maintaining the System State Manager

Actions in the Action Table
Setting and Maintaining Table Values

Using SSM for Event Automation

Resource Modes
SSM Startup Process

Testing Event Automation Using SSM

SSM Definition and Implementation
Testing SSM

CA OPS/MVS - Automating Events Using the System State Manager Mastery Test

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