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4 hours


The IBM COBOL for z/OS course is designed for learners with a basic understanding of generic COBOL. It examines the non-standard implementations of COBOL in COBOL for z/OS. It also looks at compiling COBOL in z/OS, and accessing IBM subsystems such as CICS and DB2. Finally, it explores OO Cobol.


COBOL programmers who need to learn how COBOL is used in a z/OS environment.


Solid knowledge of COBOL and procedural programming concepts.


    After completing this course, the student will be able to:
  • Describe how COBOL programs are created, compiled and bound in a z/OS environment
  • Identify Enterprise COBOL methods used to access, allocate and display data
  • Identify compiler options and COBOL code used to improve program performance
  • Describe the importance of using Language Environment

Course Content

Introduction to Enterprise COBOL for z/OS

Executing a COBOL Program on z/OS
Language Environment
Creating a COBOL Program on z/OS
Compiling COBOL Programs
Compile Options
Binding Object Code
Program Objects and Load Modules

Using Enterprise COBOL for z/OS

File Allocation
z/OS Data Sets Used by COBOL Programs
Display and Accept Commands
Sort and Merge Statements
COBOL and Supported Database Managers
Static and Dynamic Calls
Dynamic Link Libraries (DLLs)
COBOL and Other Programming Languages
Object-Oriented COBOL

COBOL for z/OS Performance

COBOL Compile Options
Compiler Optimization
TRUNC Option
I/O Related COBOL Options
Calling Other Programs
Sort Performance
Language Environment Options
Optimizing COBOL Code

Introduction to Language Environment

Need for Language Environment
Programming Languages that use Language Environment
Callable Services
Language Environment Options
Language Environment and User Program Messages
Language Environment Initiated Dumps
Interpreting Language Environment Dumps

COBOL for z/OS Mastery Test

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