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COBOL Programming - Advanced


5 hours


The COBOL Advanced course examines the use of arrays in a COBOL program, and the methodologies used for file sorting. It details the use of subprograms and the linkage section. It also shows how parameters are passed across to the program.


More experienced COBOL Programmers who need to create or maintain programs and subprograms that use tables/arrays, indexing, and sorts.


Completion of the COBOL Programming - Manipulating Data course, or equivalent.


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Describe how the COBOL programmer can use arrays to store data
  • Reference and manipulate data in an array
  • Write COBOL code used to sort file data
  • Describe how subprograms are defined and used

Course Content

COBOL Arrays

Single Level Arrays and Elements
Multilevel Arrays and Elements

Indexing and Referencing COBOL Arrays

Array Indexes
Search and Manipulate Arrays

File Sorting

The COBOL Approach to Sorting
Sort Structures
SORT, INPUT, and OUTPUT Procedures


Define Subprograms
Inter-program Communication

Object-Oriented COBOL

Object-Oriented Methodology
Methods and Classes
Coding Object-Oriented COBOL

Cobol Programming - Advanced Mastery Test

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