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VTAM Command Simulations


2 hours


A number of simulations are provided that the student can use to assess their skills and knowledge in relation to the entering of commands, and interpretation of output produced, when monitoring and managing VTAM.


Junior and senior operators responsible for monitoring z/OS system activity and resolving day-to-day z/OS system issues using console commands.


Completion of Interskill’s VTAM Commands course, or equivalent knowledge, and a solid understanding of the z/OS operating system.


After completing these simulations, the student should be able to enter VTAM commands and analyze responses in order to:

  • Monitor VTAM activity
  • Identify the status and attributes of VTAM-related resources
  • Shutdown and Start-up VTAM

Course Content

Sim 1 - Running a Trace on a Node

Sim 2 - Displaying Attributes of Major and Minor Nodes and the Users Logged onto them

Sim 3 - Displaying Storage Attributes and Buffer Use

Sim 4 - Displaying Terminal and TSO User Attributes

Sim 5 - Displaying Cluster Information

Sim 6 - Displaying Line and Channel Link Information

Sim 7 - Shutdown and Start-up of VTAM

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