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Databases – Database Manager Resources


4 hours


This course starts by providing you with the methods used to create a database and its components. It then introduces you to the commands used to alter database component attributes and shows you how to remove data. You will see how commonly used instructions can be saved as a stored procedure, and the benefits they provide. You will then look at user-defined functions (UDFs), how they are created, and how they differ from stored procedures. Finally, you will be presented with various methods for securing your database.


This course is suitable for Systems Programmers or DBAs whose responsibility is to create and manage databases, and their management systems.


Successful completion of the following Interskill courses:

  • Databases – Introduction to Databases and Database Managers
  • Databases – Introduction to SQL
or equivalent knowledge.


After completing this course, the student should be able to:

  • Identify basic database resources and describe how they are created
  • View, alter, and remove basic database resources
  • Explain how Stored Procedures are used
  • Describe the purpose of User-Defined Functions, and their benefits
  • Identify other commonly used RDBMS Resources
  • Describe how RDBMSs Secure Data and Resources

Course Content

Basic Database Manager Resources

Database Characteristics
Table Spaces
Table Options
Column Definitions
Data Types
Altering Database Resources
Deleting Resources
Interrogating the Catalog

Stored Procedures and User-Defined Functions

Creating a Stored Procedure
Procedural SQL
Passing Parameters
External Stored Procedures
Stored Procedure Capabilities
Calling Stored Procedures
DBMS-Supplied Stored Procedures
Benefits of Using Stored Procedures
DBMS Functions
Creating a User-Defined Function (UDF)
Comparing UDFs and Stored Procedures

Advanced Database Manager Resources

Updating Data from Views
Creating and Using Triggers
Authenticating User Access
GRANT Permission
Privileges and Objects
Job Roles
Revoking Access

Databases – Database Manager Resources Mastery Test

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