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Db2 13 – Introduction to Db2


4 hours


The Introducing Db2 course discusses the platforms on which Db2 can be implemented, and the core features that can be found with all Db2 versions. You will look at common Db2 components and see how they are used to store and manage Db2 data. An overview of IBM Data Studio is also presented, explaining how it is used to work with relational database management systems such as Db2.


Any individual requiring an overview of Db2 and its general functions.


Basic knowledge of database and data processing concepts.


After completing this course, the student should be able to:

  • Describe the platforms that Db2 can run on, and the product differences
  • Identify the basic objects used by Db2 to store data
  • Describe the core features of IBM Data Studio

Course Content

What is Db2

Db2 Supported Operating Systems
Db2 Licensing
Associated Db2 Products
Using SQL
Client APIs and Drivers
Stored Procedures
Distributed Access
Admin Console

Db2 Assets and Resources

Db2 Instances
Db2 Databases
Tables and Table Spaces
Table Components
Data Types
Defining Constraints
Global Variables
Special Registers
Db2 Catalog

Introduction to IBM Data Studio

What is IBM Data Studio?
Data Studio Features
Working with Views
Data Source Explorer
Working with Data
Running SQL

Db2 13 – Introduction to Db2 Mastery Test

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