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IBM (z/OS) - z/OS Systems Programming Fundamentals


6 hours


This course provides the learner with a more in-depth view of the z/OS system and covers concepts such as virtual storage, system initialization and how system data sets and parameters can be modified in response to system and network issues.


Systems Programmers or other technical specialists requiring background knowledge of the z/OS system.


Successful completion of Interskill's IBM (z/OS) - Introduction to the IBM Enterprise Environment course, or a general knowledge of z/OS system concepts.


After completing this course the student will be able to:

  • Describe how virtual storage works
  • List the major system data sets and their purpose
  • Identify where system parameter lists are stored and how they are invoked
  • Describe how the system is initialized
  • Explain how JES2 can be configured
  • Name the components of a Network
  • Invoke VTAM and TCP/IP commands used to browse and modify the network

Course Content

Virtual Storage and Address Space Concepts

Virtual Storage Concepts
Address Space

Working with System Data Sets

System Data Sets
Load Libraries
Page Data Sets
Spool Data Sets

Working With System Parameter Lists

System Parameter Lists
LOAD Parameter
The LOADxx Member
System Parameter List Selection

Initializing the z/OS System

The Initialization Process
IPL Phases

Configuring JES2

JES2 Checkpointing
JES2 Checkpoint Definition
JES2 Spool Data Sets
Defining the JES2 Subsystem
JES2 Catalog Procedure

Issuing VTAM and TCP/IP Commands

z/OS Communications Server
VTAM Display Commands
VTAM Action Commands
TCP/IP Overview
TCP/IP Commands

IBM (z/OS) - z/OS Systems Programming Fundamentals Mastery Test

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