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IMS 15 Commands


4 hours


The IMS 15 Commands course explains the different methods in which IMS commands can be invoked and provides examples of commands used to display various IMS system activity. A detailed description of the IMS startup and shutdown process and the associated commands is also provided.


This course is suitable for systems programmers, and operations staff.


Successful completion of the “Introduction to IMS” course or equivalent knowledge.


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Enter commands used to display IMS activity
  • Start and stop IMS regions
  • Describe the processes and commands used for IMS startup and shutdown

Course Content

IMS Command Basics

Invoking IMS Commands
Displaying System Activity
Displaying the Status of IMS Regions and Components

Starting IMS

IMS Initialization Process
Starting the IMS Control Region
Starting IMS Resources

Managing IMS

Managing the IMS Database
Controlling IMS Programs and Transactions
Stopping IMS Activity
Performing an IMS Shutdown

IMS Commands Mastery Test

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