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Identify and Resolve JES2 Batch Problems


5 hours


This course provides you with examples of common JES2 job-related problems and explains the process and JES2 commands that are used to display, analyze and resolve those issues. Detailed information relating to the function of JES2 checkpoints, their placement, and attributes is provided along with steps required to resolve problems associated with this resource.


Operators and systems programmers requiring the knowledge to resolve batch related JES2 problems


Basic knowledge of the z/OS system


After completing this course, the student will be able to identify and resolve common JES2 problems associated with running batch jobs.

Course Content

Spool Space Recovery

Identify Spool Space Shortages and Data to Purge
Using JES2 Commands to Reclaim Spool Space
Using JES2 Commands to Offload and Reload Spool Files
Extend Spool Data Sets
Migrate Spool Data

NJE Errors and Recovery

Identify NJE Errors and Apply Limited Recovery Procedures

JES2 Checkpoint Concepts and Definition

State and Model JES2 Checkpoint and Sharing Concepts
Obtain Checkpoint Statistics Using the $D PERFDATA Command
Identify Elements of JES2 Checkpoint and MAS Definition

JES2 Checkpoint Reconfiguration

Use Checkpoint Reconfiguration to Recover From an I/O Error on a Checkpoint Data Set

JES2 Checkpoint and Sysplex

Recognize the Use of the Coupling Facility for Checkpointing
Checkpoint Reconfiguration Issues Relating to the Coupling Facility

Identify and Resolve JES2 Batch Problems Mastery Test

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