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IBM MQ - Introduction to IBM MQ


4 hours


This course provides the learner with basic information about IBM MQ, initially describing how it is used and then branching out discussing its features. A detailed breakdown on IBM MQ components and their structure are provided, providing you with an overview on how it could be configured in your environment. Finally, the use of IBM MQ in a z/OS environment is covered with details on how it differs from other platforms.


Managers, systems administrators, programmers, architects, operators, and help desk staff. This course is suitable for anyone needing a broad understanding of IBM MQ.


A good understanding of mainframe operational concepts, or successful completion of Interskill's z/OS - Concepts and Components course.


    After completing this course, the student will be able to:
  • List the features of IBM MQ
  • Identify the structure of an IBM MQ environment
  • Describe how IBM MQ messaging is performed
  • Identify IBM MQ differences when running in a z/OS environment

Course Content

IBM MQ Fundamentals

Cross Application Communication Requirements
How IBM MQ Uses Queues
MQ Queue Managers
IBM MQ Clients
Supported Platforms
Persistent and Non-Persistent Messages
MQ Message Structure
IBM MQ Solutions

IBM MQ Features

MQ Message Components
MQ Message Groups and Segmentation
Global Transactions
Extended Transactional Client
Special MQ Queues
Process Definitions
MQ Message Error Recovery
MQ Cluster
MQ Monitoring
Control Commands
Command Scripts
MQ Explorer

Introducing IBM MQ on z/OS

Starting IBM MQ on z/OS
Page Sets and Buffer Pools
Logging MQ Events
Queue Sharing
Security Configuration
MQ Trace Data
MQ Adapters on z/OS
Mainframe Programs that can Access MQ
Issuing MQ Commands
Other Batch Utilities

IBM MQ - Introduction to IBM MQ Mastery Test

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