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Quantum – Quantum Computing and Qiskit


5 hours


This course begins by looking back through history to see how calculation has evolved, and the advancements in technology and tools, which have lead us to where we are today – quantum computing. You will then see how Qiskit is used for working with quantum computers, how it is installed, and the process of connecting it to a backend simulator or real quantum computer. You will also look at the Qiskit community and how you can contribute to Qiskit’s open source code. Finally, you will discover how algorithms have evolved and the role quantum algorithms will play in the future.


This course is aimed at those with an interest in attaining a basic knowledge of quantum computing.


Although this is an introductory course, it will be beneficial to have a background in mathematics, in particular linear algebra.


After completing this course, the student should be able to:

  • Describe methods used for calculation throughout history
  • List quantum computing general principles
  • Identify hardware implementations used for quantum computing
  • Describe how qubits are used for calculation
  • Identify the purpose of core Qiskit elements
  • Describe how quantum code is run
  • Identify key code in a quantum circuit
  • Identify the purpose of Qiskit’s GitHub repositories
  • Describe how an individual can contribute to the Qiskit project
  • Explain the purpose of Shor’s and Grover’s algorithms
  • Identify work currently undertaken to support the development of quantum-resistant algorithms

Course Content

Introduction to Quantum Computer Science

Early Methods of Calculation
Numeric Advancements
Mechanical Calculators
Analog and Digital Computers
Quantum Computers
How Quantum Computers Operate
Quantum Hardware Examples
How Quantum Computers Calculate

Installing, Registering, and Running Qiskit

Qiskit and Python
Code Projects
Learning Qiskit
Qiskit Slack
Installing Qiskit
Registering with a Provider
Verifying Your Installation
Quantum Computing Circuits
Running on a Simulator or Real Quantum Hardware

Open Source and Contributing to Qiskit

Qiskit Evolution
Exploring the Qiskit GitHub Repository
Cloning the Repository
Important Qiskit Files
Benefits of Contributing to Qiskit
Pull Requests
Forking a Repository
Contributing Guide
Testing Code Changes
Submitting Updates

Quantum Algorithms

Linear Algebra
Vectors and Matrices
Unitary Matrix
RX Gate
Shor’s Algorithm
Grover’s Algorithm
Quantum Interference
Qiskit Nature
Qiskit Optimization
Qiskit Machine Learning
Qiskit Finance

Quantum – Quantum Computing and Qiskit Mastery Test

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