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REXX – Fundamentals


4 hours


This course introduces you to REXX, describing why it is still popular today and the myriad of resources that are available to help build your skills and knowledge. It also looks at the main features of REXX and how coding in this language can benefit various job roles within the organization. Before diving into the actual REXX code, an overview of REXX programming editors is provided to assist you in identifying appropriate work tools for use with this programming language.


Personnel requiring an introduction to REXX programming.


An understanding of data processing concepts and some basic programming skills.


After completing this course the student should be able to:

  • Describe what REXX is, its capabilities, and on which platforms it can be used
  • Locate REXX Resources that can be used to further expand their skills and knowledge
  • Describe how REXX programming is used in traditional IT job roles
  • Identify REXX Editors and their features

Course Content

Introduction to REXX

What is REXX?
REXX Evolution
REXX Capabilities
Comparing REXX to CLIST
Building your REXX Knowledge
REXX Documentation
REXX Learning Resources

Basic Features and Application

Benefits of Using REXX
Built-In Functions
Debugging Aids
Interpreted Versus Compile
Parsing Capabilities
REXX Programming by Job Role

REXX Editors

Editor Features Supporting REXX
VS Code Editor
ISPF Editor
IBM Z Open Editor
IBM Wazi Developer for Red Hat

REXX – Fundamentals Mastery Test

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