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REXX Keyword Instructions


6 hours


The REXX Keyword Instructions course discusses the common keyword instructions used in REXX coding and describes how looping and execution control instructions are invoked.


Personnel requiring an introduction to REXX and an understanding of the fundamentals of programming in REXX.


Basic understanding of data processing concepts, some basic programming skills and completion of the Introduction to REXX course or equivalent knowledge.


After completing this course the student should be able to:

  • Identify and use Conversational and - Variable Management Keyword Instructions.
  • Identify and use Conditional Flow Keyword Instructions
  • Identify and use looping structures
  • Identify and use Execution control, Branching and Debugging Keyword Instructions

Course Content

REXX Conversational and Variable Management Instructions

Using Conversational Keyword Instructions
Using the External Data Queue

Variable Templates and Parsing

Logic Flow - Conditional Processing

Using the IF/THEN/ELSE Keyword Construct
Using the SELECT/WHEN/OTHERWISE/END Keyword Construct

Logic Flow - Looping

Using Repetitive Loops
Using Controlled Repetitive Loops
Using Conditional and Compound Loops
Controlling Nested Loops

Execution Control Instructions

Using Execution Control Instructions
Branching, Procedures and Subroutines
Debugging Programs

REXX Keyword Instructions Mastery Test

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