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Parallel Sysplex


3 hours


The Parallel Sysplex course introduces the concepts of a z/OS Parallel Sysplex. It explores the different types of system configurations and the technical terms used to describe them. It also describes the basic steps and conditions required to set up a Parallel Sysplex environment.


Any personnel wishing to become familiar with Parallel Sysplex Hardware and Software concepts & requirements.


Good Understanding of general IBM hardware, software, terminology and concepts.


After completing this Course, the student will be able to:

  • Understand what a SYSPLEX is
  • Understand the concepts of Symmetry, asymmetry & single system image
  • Understand the basics involved in setting a Parallel Sysplex environment

Course Content

Introduction to Parallel Sysplex

On completion the student should have a understanding of:
What is a SYSPLEX?
Parallel Processing
Data Sharing and the coupling facility
Hardware & Software requirements
Sample Configurations

Parallel Sysplex Concepts

On completion the student should have a understanding of:
Symmetry in Hardware & Software
Allowing for Asymmetry
Single system image
Single point of control
Software/Hardware Symmetry
Making Changes
Availability & recovery
Introducing changes

Parallel Sysplex - The Setup

On completion the student should have a understanding of:
Shared & non-shared data (including couple datasets)
Policies & Policy datasets
Parmlib members
Implications of naming conventions

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