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SA z/OS - IBM System Automation: Planning, Installation, and Customization


3 hours


The SA z/OS - IBM System Automation: Planning, Installation, and Customization course, takes the user through the steps required to install, and configure SA z/OS V4.2 onto their system. Initial content covers implementation considerations, and provides the learner with tools used in the planning and installation process. The configuration assistant section describes how some of these implementation tasks can be automated. The Customization Dialog module describes how this product is used to build an SA z/OS automation policy database. It guides the learner through the creation of database entries, to the compilation of the Systems Operations Configuration File, enabling it for distribution and use by an automated system.


This course is suitable for all IBM Z System Automation administrators that need to install, configure and customize SA z/OS.


Successful completion of the Interskill SA z/OS - IBM Z System Automation course, or equivalent knowledge.


After completing this course the student will be able to:

  • Identify crucial planning tasks required for SA z/OS
  • Describe initial z/OS customization requirements
  • Use the Configuration Assistant to automate the majority of configuration requirements
  • Navigate the Customization Dialog
  • Create a New Policy Database
  • Create and Edit Policy Database Entries

Course Content

IBM System Automation for z/OS - Planning and Installation

Identifying Hardware and Software Requirements
Planning Process
Installation Considerations
Configuring the Automation Manager and Automation Agent
Automating of the SA z/OS Start-Up
Running the Configuration Assistant/p>

IBM System Automation for z/OS – Customization Dialog

Accessing the Customization Dialog
Creating a Policy Database
Creating Systems and Groups
Adding and Managing Applications
Identifying Policy Database Components
Building and Distributing the Configuration Files /p>

Course Content

SA z/OS - IBM System Automation: Planning, Installation, and Customization Mastery Test

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