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Protecting System Resources Using RACF


6 hours


The Protecting System Resources Using RACF course describes how RACF is used to define access to data sets. Details of the profiles used to provide access to general resources and UNIX resources is also explained.


Application programmers, systems programmers, database administrators, security administrators and anyone requiring knowledge about the use of the Security Server(RACF) on the z/OS platform.


Know how to use TSO and ISPF and have an understanding of data sets and basic security issues.


    After completing this course, the student will be able to:
  • Describe the difference between Generic and Discrete Profiles and when they are used
  • Code the commands used to maintain Data Set Profiles.
  • Use the RACF ISPF Interface to Maintain Data Set Profiles
  • Describe the types of data set access that can be defined
  • Use the PERMIT command to define data set access lists
  • Use the RACF ISPF interface to define data set access lists
  • Maintain group profiles through the RACF ISPF Interface
  • Describe and identify RACF General Resources
  • Use the RACF General Resource Commands
  • Define access lists for RACF General Resources
  • Define and describe the use of UIDs and GIDs
  • Define and Maintain z/OS UNIX File Permissions
  • Invoke and use ISHELL to maintain z/OS UNIX file permissions

Course Content

Protecting Data Set Profiles

Defining Data Set Profiles
Data Set Profile Commands
Using the ISPF Interface to Maintain Data Set Profiles

Controlling Access to Data Sets

Access Levels
Defining Access Lists
Using the ISPF Interface to Maintain Access Lists

Protecting and Controlling Access to General Resources

General Resource Profiles
General Resource Profile Commands
Defining Access Levels

Protecting UNIX Resources

Protecting z/OS UNIX Resources
File Permissions
Using the ISPF UNIX Shell to Protect UNIX Resources

Protecting System Resources Using RACF Mastery Test

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