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CA-ACF2® - Protecting General Resources


5 hours


These courses describe how CA ACF2™ is used to protect and secure the system against accidental and malicious access and damage. It instructs the student on how CA ACF2™ works and how to define users, rules and parameters, to restrict access to the system and its resources.


Application programmers, systems programmers, database administrators, security administrators, and other personnel requiring knowledge about the use of the CA ACF2™ Security Server (ACF2) on the z/OS platform.


Completion of the courses "CA ACF2™ Introduction" and "CA ACF2™ Protecting Data Integrity", and knowledge of TSO, ISPF, data sets, and basic security requirements.


    After completing this course, the student will be able to:
  • Identify how system resources are protected
  • Define resource rules
  • Identify common resource classes
  • Create Role Based rule sets
  • Identify how resource rules are maintained by using ACF2 commands and ISPF panels

Course Content

Protecting General Resources

Basic Resource Rules
Conditional and Service Parameters
Control Statements and Parameters

Defining Infostorage Database Rules

Protecting DASD Volumes
Controlling Access to Jobs
Program Control and Protecting Commands

Maintaining General Resource Rules Using ACF2 Commands

Compile Commands
Commands to Create, Modify, and Delete

Maintaining General Resource Rules Using ISPF Panels

Create Resource Rules
List and Modify Resource Rules
Delete Resource Rules

CA-ACF2 - Protecting General Resources Mastery Test

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