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RACF – For System Programmers 2.5


3 hours


This course describes how the RACF database is structured and configured, and the skills needed to ensure that it runs optimally.


System programmers, database administrators, security administrators, operations staff, and others requiring knowledge about implementing and managing the RACF database.


Successful completion of the Interskill RACF – Introduction course or equivalent knowledge.


    After completing this course, the student will be able to:
  • Create or Copy a RACF Database
  • Identify the tools used for maintaining a RACF database
  • Describe how RACF Database options are configured
  • Identify Methods Used for Interacting with RACF

Course Content

Creating and Managing a RACF Database

System Programmer’s RACF Role
RACF Database Structure
Creating and Copying a RACF Database
Managing RACF Performance
RACF Database Utilities
RACF System Settings
System Programmer RACF Reporting
RACF Database Backup and Recovery

Customizing RACF

RACF Database Options
Defining Options in a PARMLIB or Load Module
RACF Classes
Password, Password Phrase, and PassTicket Authentication
RACF Remote Sharing Facility
RACF Assembler Macros
Callable Services
REXX Functions

RACF – For System Programmers 2.5 Mastery Test

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