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ISPF (z/OS) - Using Online System Facilities - TSO/ISPF


5 hours


The Using Online System Facilities - TSO/ISPF course explains the purpose of TSO is and how it is accessed. It then describes how to log on to ISPF and provides details of navigation methods, program function key definition and explains how basic ISPF settings can be configured.


Computer operators and trainee programmers and analysts requiring an introduction to TSO and ISPF.




After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Describe what TSO is and how it is used
  • Describe the Basic Concepts and Facilities of ISPF/PDF
  • Configure and Use Basic ISPF Facilities
  • Control and Manage Multiple ISPF Screens

Course Content

TSO Concepts and Commands

Identify and Logon to TSO
Use a Basic Set of TSO Commands
Allocate and Create Data Sets Using TSO Commands
Transmit Data Sets to Other Systems

Introduction to TSO/ISPF

Logon and Identify ISPF and its Screen Formatting
Navigate the Commonly Used ISPF Screens
Using the Action Bar

Defining ISPF Defaults

Locate and Define the Basic Setting Used to Tailor the ISPF Environment
Define and Use Program Function Keys

Managing Multiple Screen Sessions

Split Your ISPF Screen to Create Multiple Logical Screens
Configure ISPF Start-up and Shutdown for Multiple Screen Requirements

Using Online System Facilities - TSO/ISPF Mastery Test

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