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VSAM - Introduction to VSAM 2.4


6 hours


This course provides the learner with a basic understanding of the VSAM access method and VSAM data sets on z/OS. It introduces what VSAM is and when it is used. It includes information on the different VSAM data set types, when each is used, and their internal structure. Information on creating, copying, deleting, and managing VSAM data sets using JCL, TSO/E commands, the IDCAMS batch utility, and other tools is also covered. Finally, other products used to manage VSAM data sets are introduced - both from IBM and other vendors.


This course is oriented to Application Programmers, Systems Programmers and operations staff. However anyone needing to understand VSAM data sets will benefit from this course.


Completion of the Introduction to the IBM Enterprise Environment course or equivalent knowledge.


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Describe what VSAM is
  • Explain the structure of VSAM data sets
  • Identify the role of VSAM indexes, and their structure
  • Create a VSAM data set using JCL or IDCAMS
  • Understand the options available when creating a VSAM data set
  • Create and manage Alternate Indexes
  • Delete VSAM data sets
  • Alter VSAM data sets
  • List VSAM data set information using IDCAMS LISTCAT
  • Read and understand IDCAMS LISTCAT output
  • Print VSAM data sets
  • Copy a VSAM data set to another VSAM data set
  • Copy between a VSAM and a sequential data set
  • Backup a VSAM data set
  • Restore a VSAM data set

Course Content

VSAM Basics

What is VSAM
VSAM Data sets
VSAM Indexes

Creating VSAM Data sets

Creating VSAM Data Sets
JCL advantages and disadvantages
JCL DD keywords for VSAM

Alternate Indexes, ALTER, and DELETE

Alternate Indexes
Deleting VSAM Data Sets
Altering VSAM Data Sets


The LISTCAT Command
Reading LISTCAT Output
Printing VSAM Data Sets

Copying VSAM Data Sets

REPRO Command
EXPORT and INPUT Command
Copying VSAM Data

VSAM - Introduction to VSAM 2.4 Mastery Test

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