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z/VM Concepts, System Initialization and Shutdown


6 hours


The z/VM Concepts, System Initialization and Shutdown course describes how virtualization, and in particular z/VM, has become more popular in Data Centers and examines the processes used for z/VM start-up and shutdown.


Any IT staff requiring an overview of virtualization, how it relates to the z/VM system and the steps involved in z/VM, service and production guest systems start-up and shutdown.


A basic understanding of data processing concepts.


    After completing this course, the student will be able to:
  • Identify the characteristics of a virtualized system
  • Describe virtualization as it relates to z/VM
  • Identify the roles of IT people using z/VM
  • Start and stop z/VM, service and production virtual machines
  • Check the status of initialized environments
  • Communicate with z/VM users

Course Content

Introduction to Virtualization

Virtualization Concepts
Virtualization and Cloud Computing
Data Center Virtualization Benefits

Introduction to z/VM

What is z/VM?
z/VM Configurations
Live Guest Relocation
z/VM Job Roles

Starting z/VM, Service and Production Virtual Machines

z/VM Warm, Force, Cold and Clean Start-ups
Commonly Used Service Virtual Machines
Starting Service Virtual Machines
IPLing The Production System Virtual Machine

Ensuring z/VM System Readiness

What is the Control Program (CP) and How is it Used?
Interacting with CP
Introduction to Privilege Classes
Performing Post Initialization Tasks
Communicating with Users

Shutting Down z/VM

Informing Users of a Shutdown
Shutting Down the Production System Virtual Machine
Shutting Down the Service Virtual Machines
Performing a Controlled Shutdown
Performing an Immediate Shutdown

z/VM Concepts, System Initialization and Shutdown Mastery Test

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