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Z Performance - z/OS I/O Performance and Capacity Planning z/OS 2.5


3 hours


In this course you will examine the I/O process and see how I/O performance problems are detected, and the metrics used to determine where a problem may exist. Methods used to improve I/O performance are also discussed.



Completion of the following Interskill courses: IBM (z/OS) – The Evolving Mainframe, IBM (z/OS) – Working with the Mainframe, z/OS – Concepts, z Performance – Introduction to Mainframe Performance or equivalent knowledge.


After completing this course the student will be able to:

  • Describe what I/O performance means and what z/OS Administrators can do about it
  • Identify z/OS features used to measure I/O performance and how it can be improved
  • Identify options used to improve I/O performance
  • Explain the role of the capacity planner
  • Identify data used to forecast future resource requirements
  • Describe methods used to reduce resource usage

Course Content

z/OS I/O Performance

Identifying an I/O Performance Problem
Tools Used to Detect I/O Performance Issues
The I/O Process
Determining I/O Response Times
Performance Monitors
Interpreting I/O Related Data From RMF Reports
Channel Performance
Cache Performance
Avoiding I/O to Disk and Tape
Improving I/O Performance

Introduction to z/OS Capacity Planning

Long-Term Capacity Planning
Understanding SLOs
Analyzing Current Performance and Capacity
Predicting Growth
Identifying External, Business, and Seasonal Factors
Using RMF and SMF Records for Capacity Planning
Processor Capacity Reference for System z (zPCR)
Using zSoftCap to predict CPU consumption
Managing the Coupling Facility
Identifying Future DASD Space Requirements
Methods Used to Reduce Resource Usage
Adding Resources
Other Methods Used to Manage Resource Use

Z Performance - z/OS I/O Performance and Capacity Planning z/OS 2.5 Mastery Test

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