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Assembler Macros


5 hours


The Assembler Macros course describes the syntax and coding required to create an Assembler macro. The course also looks at the function of several system macros that are available for use.


System or application programmers who code Assembler programs or maintain system related programs and user exits


Completion of the Introduction to Assembler and Assembler Instructions courses or equivalent experience, knowledge of programming concepts, and experience with IBM MVS architecture.


    After completing this course, the student will be able to identify:
  • How to code an Assembler macro
  • How to use supplied system macros

Course Content

Assembler Macro Instructions - Introduction

Using Macro Instructions
Macro Definition
Symbolic Parameters
Assembler Variables


Model Statements
Processing Statements
Conditional Assembly Statements

Data Attributes

Data Attributes
System Variable Symbols

System Macros

System Macros
MVS I/O Macro - DCB
Input File Processing
Output File Processing

Assembler Macros Mastery Test

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