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CA 1 Tape Management - Identifying and Resolving Media Problems


5 hours


The CA 1® Tape Management - Identifying and Resolving Media Problems course describes the structure of the CA 1 Tape Management system, its chaining process, AIVS and tape stacking facilities, problem determination, and the utilities available for correcting structural problems and reporting.


Personnel requiring knowledge of CA 1 Tape Management


Knowledge of tape management principles used by CA 1 and how to inquire on the CA 1 database


    After completing this course, the student will be able to:
  • Recognize the structure of the main CA-1 system data sets
  • Identify how CA-1 links tapes and data sets within its database
  • Recognize CA-1 chaining errors
  • Identify how to set up and use AIVS and tape stacking
  • Recognize the common CA-1 utilities

Course Content

CA 1 - System Data Sets

CA-1 Data Sets
TMC Structure
Audit File Structure

CA 1 Chaining

Volume and DSNB Record Chaining Fields
MultiVolume and MultiFile Chaining
Free DSNB Chaining

Correcting Chaining Errors

Identifying Chaining Errors
Correcting Chaining Errors
Chaining Error Correction Utilities

Chaining Error Workshop

Identifying and Correcting Chaining Errors

Real-Time Tape Stacking and AIVS

Real-Time Stacking Considerations
Setting Up AIVS
AIVS Considerations

CA 1 Reports and Utilities

Housekeeping Utilities
Common Reports and Utilities

CA 1 Tape Management - Identifying and Resolving Media Problems Mastery Test

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