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CA 1® Tape Management - Using Tape Media


5 hours


The CA 1® Tape Management - Using Tape Media course describes the use of the CA 1® Tape Management system, the online facility and its uses, and the standard daily maintenance processing required by CA 1.


Personnel requiring knowledge of CA 1 tape operations


Knowledge of general IBM hardware, software, terminology, and concepts


    After completing this course, the student will be able to:
  • Recognize the features and components of CA 1 Tape Management
  • Identify the benefits of CA 1 and how it can assist the tape librarian
  • Identify the special CA 1 tape retention period definitions
  • Recognize CA 1/ISPF screens and CA 1 reporting capabilities
  • Identify how and why daily processing is used
  • Define Vault Management

Course Content

CA 1® Tape Management Overview, Components and Facilities

CA 1 Features
CA 1 Components and Initialization Process

CA 1® Tape Management Processing

Tape JCL Considerations
CA 1 Console Messages
Tape Data Set Retention Controls

CA 1® Tape Management Online Inquiry and Update Facilities

Online Inquiry and Update of Volume Records
Bit Flag Usage
Online Inquiry and Update of DSNB Records
CA 1 Online Utilities

CA 1® Tape Management Daily Processing

Daily Maintenance Utilities
Vault Patterns
Vault Management Utilities

CA 1® Tape Management - Using Tape Media Mastery Test

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