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Data Center Storage Management Curriculum

Course Title Duration Description
Storage Fundamentals for Data Centers
5 This course introduces the learner to data center storage, how it has evolved and the direction it is taking. The initial module also discusses the role of the Storage Administrator and where this person can obtain certification, training and general information. The remainder of the course focuses on disk and tape systems describing how they have evolved, how they are used to store data, and various configurations.
Storage Networks, Administration, and DASD Management Using ICKDSF
4 This course describes the common configurations when implementing networked data storage, and includes information relating to cloud based storage structures. An overview of the monitoring and management tasks performed by the Storage Administrator are covered, focusing heavily on performance and capacity aspects. Details on using the ICKDSF program in z/OS, z/VSE and z/VM environments for DASD initialization and other administration tasks, is also covered.
Using DFSMS to Manage the z/OS Storage Environment
6 This course describes today's data storage needs and the role of various DFSMS components in managing that data. It looks at data management rule creation and the role that DFSMShsm plays in ensuring sufficient space is made available.

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