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IBM Environment Intro Curriculum 2.4

Course Title Duration
Introduction to the IBM Enterprise Environment
4 This course examines what a mainframe is, why it has survived and the IT personnel that need to interact with it. It then discusses the basic hardware, software and networking components and the methods used to access and process data on the mainframe.
z/OS Systems Programming Fundamentals
6 This course provides the learner with a more in-depth view of the z/OS system and covers concepts such as virtual storage, system initialization and how system data sets and parameters can be modified in response to system and network issues.
IBM Development Environment
6 This course discusses the use of mainframe data sets and database files to store organizational data and examines the batch and online methods used to process that data. Widely used mainframe programming languages such as COBOL, PL/I, C++, REXX, CLIST and Java are introduced and a description of the Language Environment used to provide many of these languages with common runtime routines is presented.

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