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Mainframe Application Performance Curriculum

Course Title Duration Description
Introduction to Sampling Performance Tools 1 This course introduces sampling-based performance tools such as Compuware Strobe, IBM Application Performance Analyzer, and Macro4 FreezeFrame, which are available for z/OS environments. It describes what these tools are, the information that they provide, and how this assists with application performance tuning. It includes information on the tools currently available, performance implications when using them, and how to minimize any impact they may have on the system. It also steps through how sampling sessions can be started, and the key parameters for such sessions.
Mainframe Application Performance Tuning - Newly Released 1 A general introduction to mainframe application performance. In this course, you will be introduced to the basic concepts of improving application performance by tuning. This course includes suggestions on when and why to tune, tuning for CPU vs service time, and also considers batch and online performance objectives.