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DevOps and Agile Curriculum

Course Title Duration Description
DevOps - Introduction to DevOps in the Workplace
5 The DevOps - Introduction to DevOps in the Workplace course begins by discussing traditional software development and deployment, and how DevOps can be used to improve this process. A holistic view of DevOps is broken down to its core components describing the people and processes involved with each phase. The continuous DevOps integration, delivery, and deployment phases are explained along with common release management deployment techniques. An overview of the types of monitoring and reporting required to measure the effectiveness of DevOps practices is also provided showing how it feeds back into the DevOps cycle.
Agile Fundamentals
1 The Agile Fundamentals course discusses the business value of adopting an Agile philosophy, introducing a real-life software development project, and describing how Agile is used to restructure traditional software development and deployment tasks. The values and principles associated with the Manifesto for Agile Software Development are explained, while an overview of common frameworks used to adopt Agile philosophes is provided, along with their benefits. Additional Agile training, accreditation, and related supported products and practices are also mentioned throughout the course.

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