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PL/1 Programming Curriculum

Course Title Duration Description
PL/1 Fundamentals and Data Representation
5 The PL/1 Fundamentals and Data Representation course introduces the PL/1 language. It explains the basic building blocks, particularly how data and program storage is represented and defined in the language.
PL/1 Program Design Techniques
5 The PL/1 Program Design Techniques course builds on the PL/1 Fundamentals course. It explains how to build a structured program in the language. It also describes many of the common built-in functions.
PL/1 Accessing Data in Files
5 The PL/1 Accessing Data in Files course explains how to use PL/1 to access and update data in both sequential and random access files. It also describes how to handle file and generic error conditions.
PL/1 Preprocessor, Debugging and Advanced Coding
5 The PL/1 Debugging and Advanced Coding Techniques course explains the reasons for program errors and describes the tools available to debug a PL/1 program. It also explores some more advanced coding techniques in the language.

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