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Rational Developer for System z Curriculum

Course Title Duration Description
Rational Developer for System z Basics
4 This course introduces the learner to the IBM Rational Developer for System z (RDz) product describing the general tasks that can be performed using it, as well as its configuration and other features. A guide to RDz's GUI interface is provided including details on connecting to resources on a host system.
Creating and Managing Applications Using RDz
4 This course describes the methods used to create, manage and maintain applications under RDz. It provides details on the benefits of projects and subprojects within RDz and the application tasks that can be performed within this structure. RDz testing and debugging capabilities are discussed in detail, in particular the zUnit testing framework, and the IBM Integrated Debugger. The final module addresses the RDz features that allow you to create applications for DB2, CICS and IMS.

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