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z/OSMF - The IBM z/OS Management Facility Curriculum for z/OS 2.5

Course Title Duration Description
z/OSMF – Introduction and Basics z/OS 2.5 1 This course provides the learner with an introduction to the z/OS Management Facility (z/OSMF). It begins with basic concepts: what z/OSMF is, why it is used, how it is configured, and first steps in logging on and using it.
z/OSMF – Working with z/OSMF Tasks z/OS 2.5 4 This course provides the student with the skills needed to use some of the major z/OSMF features: problem management, workflow creation, software management and deployment, and cloud provisioning.
z/OSMF – Configuring and Administering z/OSMF z/OS 2.5 3 This course outlines how z/OS tasks such as the configuration of workload management, and network configuration can be performed using z/OSMF. It also explains how performance monitoring, and management of processor capacity tasks, can be performed within z/OSMF.

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