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z/OS UNIX - z/OS UNIX System Services Basics


3 hours


This introductory course looks at the evolution of UNIX on the mainframe and describes how it interacts with today’s z/OS system products. It provides an overview of the z/OS UNIX System Services major components and shows typical workload processing in this environment. Details of the various file systems that are supported under z/OS UNIX are explained along with scenarios on when they would be used.


Anyone requiring an understanding of z/OS UNIX System Services and its file systems.


Completion of Interskill’s “Introduction to the IBM Enterprise Environment” course or equivalent knowledge.


    After completing this course, the student will be able to:
  • Describe the Major Components that Comprise z/OS UNIX System Services
  • Identify the different z/OS UNIX file systems, and describe why they are used

Course Content

Introduction to z/OS UNIX

UNIX History on the Mainframe
z/OS UNIX Capabilities
Benefits of Using z/OS UNIX
Users of z/OS UNIX
z/OS UNIX Interfaces
z/OS UNIX Components
Types of File Systems
Process Flow through the z/OS UNIX System

File System Concepts

File System Structures
Mounting File Systems
HFS, zFS, and NFS
Directory Structures
Interacting with Directories
Symbolic Links
Directory Attributes

z/OS UNIX - z/OS UNIX System Services Basics Mastery Test

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