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IBM Z Hardware Models


5 hours


This course discusses current IBM Z enterprise, and LinuxONE, system models and their predecessors. It provides details on their components and their functionality.


This course is for Operators, System Programmers, or System Administrators that require a technical understanding of the enterprise z15, z14, and z13 mainframes and their entry level counterparts: z15 T02, z14 ZR1 and the z13s.


Successful completion of the ‘Introduction to the IBM Z Systems’ course, or similar knowledge.


After completing this course the student will be able to:

  • Describe the differences between the z15, z15 T02, z14, z14 ZR1, z13, and z13s mainframes
  • Identify the components that comprise a typical mainframe
  • Describe the benefits of implementing a LinuxONE mainframe

Course Content

z15 Mainframe

z15 T01 models
z15 New features
z15 hardware components
I/O infrastructure
z15 T02 entry level mainframe
z15 T01 and T02 comparison
z15 T02 and z14 ZR1 comparison

z14 Mainframe

z14 models
Comparison to the z13
Ensuring capacity needs
z14 hardware components
I/O infrastructure
z14 ZR1 entry level mainframe
z14 ZR1 and z13s comparison

z13 Components and Configuration

z13 models
Temporary and permanent capacity upgrades
Comparing the z13 to previous enterprise mainframe servers
Introduction to the z13 hardware
Processor and memory upgrade options
Role and overview of entry level z13s mainframe
I/O infrastructure

Introduction to LinuxONE

Factors driving Linux use
Evolution of Linux within IBM
LinuxONE benefits
LinuxONE test drive
LinuxONE III LT1 and LT2 hardware configurations
LinuxONE III LT1 and z15 comparison
Virtualization within LinuxONE

IBM Z Hardware Models Mastery Test

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