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z/OS Connect EE - IBM z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition V3


3 hours


The z/OS Connect EE - IBM z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition course discusses the need for organizations to open up their mainframe data to cloud, mobile and web customers and describes how z/OS Connect EE provides this capability. The course also covers what IT specialists need to know on how resource access and data communication is performed by z/OS Connect EE.


This course is suitable for operations staff, system and application programmers, and other personnel that need to connect to z/OS data.


A general understanding of the data center processing environment.


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Describe how z/OS Connect EE meets the needs of today's data centric world
  • Install and Access the z/OS Connect EE API Toolkit's Features
  • Package and Deploy Services and APIs to a z/OS Connect Server

Course Content

z/OS Connect EE Basics and Internals

Today's Data Access Needs
z/OS Connect EE Features
z/OS Connect EE Security
Obtaining and Configuring Back-End Service Details

z/OS Connect EE API Toolkit Basics

Installing the API Toolkit
Connecting to a z/OS Connect EE Server
API Provider and API Requester
Service Project and Service Interface Editors
Creating REST APIs
Packaging and Deploying
Service Interface Method Mapping
Using the Swagger User Interface

z/OS Connect EE - IBM z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition V3 Mastery Test

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