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z/OS Training - Resolving z/OS System Problems


5 hours


The Resolving z/OS System Problems course describes the processes and commands required to resolve common z/OS system problems. It also describes when cancel and force commands should be used and how to handle command flooding.


z/OS Training for senior operators and technical support personnel who require knowledge to identify and solve z/OS system problems


Completion of the Identifying z/OS System Problems course


    After completing this course, the student will be able to identify:
  • Terminate failed tasks, users, batch jobs, and catalog requests
  • Restart the system

Course Content

Terminating Tasks

Using the CANCEL Command
Ending CAS Requests

Using the FORCE Command

FORCE Command Procedure and Syntax
Using the FORCE Command

Restarting the System

Recognizing When to Use a PSW Restart
Invoking a PSW Restart

Additional Problem Handling Techniques

Using Logs and Messages
Changing the Maximum Number of Concurrent TSO Users
Varying I/O Devices Online and Offline
Using the Auto-Reply Function *

Handling Command Flooding

Command Classes
Formats and Purposes of the CMDS Command
Using the CMDS Command

Resolving z/OS System Problems Mastery Test

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