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z/VM – Introduction and Concepts z/VM 7.3


3 hours


The z/VM – Introduction and Concepts course describes how virtualization, and in particular z/VM, has become more popular in Data Centers. It explains the benefits of virtualization and some of its challenges, and describes how virtualization is used in the cloud. Content then focuses on z/VM describing how this operating system supports virtualization.


Any IT staff requiring an overview of virtualization and how it relates to the z/VM system.


A basic understanding of data processing concepts.


    After completing this course, the student will be able to:
  • Identify the Structural Characteristics of a Virtualized Environment
  • Identify the Services That Can Be Exploited by Virtualization
  • Recognize the Benefits of Virtualization
  • Describe the Role of Virtualization in Cloud Computing
  • Identify the Attributes of a z/VM Configuration
  • Identify the Major Components That Comprise z/VM
  • Describe Attributes of the z/VM Single System Image Environment
  • Recognize the Tasks Performed By z/VM Personnel

Course Content

Introduction to Virtualization

Virtualization Concepts
Resource Sharing
Server Virtualization
Hypervisor-Based Partitioning
Mainframe Virtualization
Benefits of Virtualization
Virtualization Challenges
Virtualization and Cloud Computing

Introduction to z/VM

What is z/VM?
z/VM Hypervisor
IPLing z/VM Using the Hardware Management Console
Control Program
CMS Operating System
Communicating with z/VM
z/VM Multi-System Virtualization
Live Guest Relocation
Job Roles Dealing with z/VM

z/VM – Introduction and Concepts z/VM 7.3 Mastery Test

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