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CICS TS - Debugging CICS Programs 5.6


4 hours


The CICS TS - Debugging CICS Programs course looks at several different CICS supplied transactions and system facilities that can be used to identify, and diagnose problems. The CEMT command is discussed in length, providing examples that show how CICS resource details are displayed and updated. The invoking of CICS debugging transactions and interpretation of results is covered, as well as the use of system dumps and traces.


Application developers and systems administrators whose role is to identify and resolve CICS applications or system problems.


Completion of the CICS TS - Programming for Recovery course, or equivalent knowledge.


    After completing this course, the student will be able to:
  • Describe how CEMT commands can be used to display, and manipulate CICS resources
  • Identify CICS supplied transactions that can be used for debugging purposes
  • Explain how CICS dumps and traces are invoked

Course Content

The CEMT Transaction

Invoking CEMT
Issuing CEMT Commands
CEMT Commands from the z/OS Console
CEMT Documentation
Updating using CEMT
SET Command
Modifying Program Attributes
Removing a Resource Definition
Shutting Down CICS

Transactions for CICS Debugging

Execution Diagnostic Facility (EDF)
Invoking and Running an EDF Session
CEDF and CEDX Transactions
EDF Debugging Options
Stepping Through Execution
CEDF Dual-Screen Mode
Read-Only CEDG and CEDY Transactions
EDF Documentation
CECI Transaction
Invoking and Interpreting CECI Commands and Output
CECS and CEBR Transactions

CICS Traces and Dumps

CICS System Dumps
Automatic and Manual Dump Requests
Transaction Dumps
Analyzing Dump Data
Internal and Auxiliary Traces
CETR Transaction
Traces Invoked from CICS Programs
z/OS Generalized Trace Facility (GTF)
Abbreviated, and Extended Formatted Trace Entries
JVM Trace
Interpreting Trace Data

CICS TS - Debugging CICS Programs Mastery Test

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