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CICS v5.3 Curriculum

Course Title Duration Description
CICS TS Operations Series
CICS TS - Introduction
4 The CICS TS - Introduction course provides an overview of the CICS Transaction Server product and how it is used to process work. A description of the components that comprise CICS TS and how they are integrated.
CICS - Explorer Fundamentals
3 This course describes how to access a CICS TS system using CICS Explorer, and how the CICS Explorer window can be modified to display various CICS TS data. Details describing how CICS Explorer help can be accessed, and the creation and integration of customized help is also covered.
CICS TS - Controlling CICS Operations
6 The Controlling CICS Operations course focuses on CICS startup and shutdown processes and commands, and the handling of system-related CICS problems.
CICS Command Simulations
2 A number of simulations are provided that the student can use to assess their skills and knowledge in relation to the entering of commands, and interpretation of output produced, when monitoring and manipulating CICS resources, and starting/stopping CICS.
CICS TS Programmers Series
CICS - Programming Basics
6 The CICS Programming Basics course provides an overview of the CICS Transaction Server product and describes how it is used to process work. It looks at the application code required for programs working with CICS, using various programming languages. It also describes the major interfaces used to interact with this product.
Program Control and Communication
6 The CICS Program Control and Communication course describes the methods used to transfer data from one CICS program to another, and the commands used to achieve this. It also explains the various CICS communication facilities and features that can be used for interaction between CICS programs and other programs: both within and external to CICS. This course also introduces the CICS programmer to more basic CICS issues including serialization, threadsafe, containers, and CICS data areas.
Files and Databases
4 This course discusses how CICS applications can be used to access and update data, and also looks at the code and interfaces required by CICS to communicate with DB2.
Storage and Transient Data
4 This course looks at some of the features provided by CICS for application programs, including; storage, temporary storage queues, and transient data queues.
Programming for Web Access
4 This course discusses the options available to programmers when there is a need to connect to CICS using web-based interfaces. It addresses the HTTP, SOAP, and JSON protocols and the code required to send and receive requests from them.
Using CICS Transaction Gateway
3 This course looks at the CICS Transaction Gateway product, describing when and how it is used to facilitate communication with CICS.
CICS Terminal Communications
6 The CICS Terminal Communications course looks at traditional CICS communication methods with terminals, and expands this further by describing how Basic Mapping Support (BMS) maps are created and used in today's environment.
Using SDF II To Maintain CICS TS Maps
2 This course provides you with an overview of the SDF II product and describes how it is used to create BMS maps.
Programming for Recovery
3 This course addresses how CICS code, and general CICS system facilities can be configured to handle errors, and perform recovery.
Debugging CICS Programs
4 The Debugging CICS Programs course looks at several different CICS supplied transactions and system facilities that can be used to identify, and diagnose problems. The CEMT command is discussed in length, providing examples that show how CICS resource details are displayed and updated. The invoking of CICS debugging transactions and interpretation of results is covered, as well as the use of system dumps and traces.

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