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CICS TS - Using CICS Transaction Gateway 5.6


3 hours


This course looks at the CICS Transaction Gateway product, describing when and how it is used to facilitate communication with CICS.


Anyone developing or supporting CICS applications, including application developers and systems administrators.


Completion of the CICS TS - Program Control and Communication course, or equivalent knowledge.


    After completing this course, the student will be able to:
  • Describe how CICS Transaction Gateway can be configured, and the features used to access CICS resources and programs
  • Describe how to code Java to prepare to call a host CICS program

Course Content

CICS Transaction Gateway

Versions of CICS Transaction Gateway
CICS Transaction Gateway APIs
Supported Languages
Local and Remote Client Connections
External Call Interface (ECI)
Synchronous and Asynchronous ECI Requests
Extended Mode
External Presentation Interface (EPI)
3270 Mode
External Security Interface (ESI)
JSON Requests

Java Programming with CICS Transaction Gateway

Java Base Classes Associated with CICS Transaction Gateway
ECI Java Program Flow
Importing Non-Base Classes
Creating an ECIRequest object
Passing Data Using COMMAREAs, Channels, and Containers
Connecting to CICS
Using Return Codes to Determine Success

CICS TS - Using CICS Transaction Gateway Mastery Test

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