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Introduction to Cloud Computing


3 hours


This course provides an overview of cloud computing concepts including key characteristics, cloud services, and cloud deployment models. It discusses the mainframe’s role in cloud computing and then looks at the future developments around cloud computing.


Anyone interested in gaining knowledge about fundamental cloud concepts.


General basic IBM Z hardware and z/OS knowledge.


    After completing this course, the student should be able to:
  • Describe how cloud computing has evolved and its characteristics
  • Describe the differences between the core types of cloud services and deployment models
  • Identify features that make the mainframe suitable as part of a cloud strategy
  • Describe future trends of cloud computing

Course Content

Cloud Computing Origins and Concepts

The Evolving Data Center
Development of the Internet
Cloud Data Centers
Cloud Computing Characteristics
Types of Cloud Services
Cloud Deployment Model Types

The Mainframe’s Role and The Cloud’s Future

Mainframe’s Role in the Cloud
Mainframe’s Cloud Versatility
Mainframe Cloud Provisioning
z/OS Container Extensions
Mainframe Cloud Native Applications
Open Standards and Open-source
The Future of the Cloud

Introduction to Cloud Computing Mastery Test

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