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Cloud Curriculum

Course Title Duration Description
Introduction to Cloud Computing
3 This course provides an overview of cloud computing concepts including key characteristics, cloud services, and cloud deployment models. It discusses the mainframe’s role in cloud computing and then looks at the future developments around cloud computing.
Understanding Cloud Architecture
3 This course looks at cloud architecture and what technologies and methods are utilized to develop and deploy modern cloud applications.
Cloud Security
1 This course provides an overview of the security measures that need to be considered when implementing an organization’s cloud environment. It discusses the importance of security and compliance, and highlights some of the tools and security mechanisms that can help ensure an organization’s data integrity and security is maintained.
Cloud Governance
1 For organizations to successfully transition their business to the cloud they should consider strategies that will minimize associated risks. This course introduces concepts around what cloud adoption and cloud governance is and what strategies and processes are needed to ensure a business utilizes tools to aid it in a successful transition to the cloud.

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