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Comms – Monitoring and Controlling VTAM 2.5


3 hours


This course covers aspects around using VTAM commands to monitor and control various VTAM resources. Initially introducing VTAM display commands to check network status, and to diagnose and solve network issues, and later introducing how to use action commands to control the VTAM network and resolve problems.


Systems programmers, network technical staff, and z/OS operators who will need to interact with VTAM on a regular basis.


Successful completion of the Interskill Comms – IBM Mainframe Communications Concepts course, or equivalent knowledge.


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Enter VTAM Display Commands
  • Interpret Output Produced by VTAM Display Commands
  • Start and Stop VTAM
  • Activate and Deactivate VTAM Resources
  • Control VTAM by Using Other Commands

Course Content

Monitoring VTAM

VTAM Commands Entering VTAM Commands
Displaying Logical and Physical Units
Dynamic Application Program
Job Name and TCP/IP Information
Major Nodes

Controlling VTAM

Starting VTAM
Initializing VTAM
Major Nodes Initialization
VTAM Start-Up Parameters
Stopping and Shutting Down VTAM
The HALT Command
Deactivating and Activating VTAM Resources
Changing VTAM Options
The MODIFY Command
Tracing Facilities

Comms – Monitoring and Controlling VTAM 2.5 Mastery Test

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