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IBM Mainframe Communications v2.5 Curriculum

Course Title Duration Description
Comms – IBM Mainframe Communications Concepts 2.5
1 This course offers an overview of essential networking principles and introduces you to mainframe networking concepts, explaining how it has evolved.
Comms – Monitoring and Controlling VTAM 2.5
3 This course covers aspects around using VTAM commands to monitor and control various VTAM resources. Initially introducing VTAM display commands to check network status, and to diagnose and solve network issues, and later introducing how to use action commands to control the VTAM network and resolve problems.
Comms – Monitoring and Controlling TCP/IP 2.5
4 This course covers the fundamentals of TCP/IP, including its diverse features and functions. It also provides details on initiating and terminating TCP/IP, along with an introduction to a range of commands for monitoring and managing both TCP/IP client and server applications.
Comms – VTAM Command Simulations 2.5
2 A number of simulations are provided that the student can use to assess their skills and knowledge in relation to the entering of commands, and interpretation of output produced, when monitoring and managing VTAM.

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